We have now in stock the new SWDC (Sine Wave Controlled DC) pumps, in 5.500, 8.000 and 12.000 l/h versions. Although we saw some earlier prototypes before, we are very impressed about the build quality of this pumps, comparable to any mid-to-high range EU-made pump.

They are made by a very reputed brushless direct current (BLDC) motor manufacturer, with propietary technology and production methods. This is not another JB/JC cheap pump. They have no electronics embedded in the motorblock, are perfectly water tight when installed outside the sump, and accept standard threaded BSP fittings for easier plumbing (we also found out that a half standard true union fits in perfectly too, pictured).

First units already shipped to those customers who pre-ordered, so get yours now because they are going fast!!

Here are some of the main features:

New Brushless DC (BLDC) Motor pump with Sine Wave Controller on aluminium enclosure, dry run protection, over current protection, over voltage protection, stall protection, built-in memory, 6 speed settings, 30 minute pause function and soft start. From a reputed BLDC motor manufacturer.

Dry running protection
SWDC's controller continuously monitors the pump and it will stop it if dry-running operation is detected for more than 10 seconds.

Built in memory
In the event of a power outage, the controller will bring the pump back to its original state.

Servicing/feed pause
Built in timer which will turn off the pump for a period of 30 minutes. Very helpful when feeding or performing service/maintenance to the aquarium.

Soft start
When powering on or after a service/feed pause cycle, the pump will slowly ramp up to the selected speed setting.


  • Large heatsinks for effective heat dissipation
  • Selected speed setting and pause LED indicators 

  • Three buttons design (power on/up - power off/down - pause) 

  • Water tight power supply connector 

  • Heavy duty aluminium enclosure
Titanium screws 

  • Silicone dampeners to avoid vibration transmission


  • Brushless DC motor driven pump 

  • Resin (satlwater resistant epoxy) coated motorblock
Closed impeller design (increases efficiency and reduces heat)
Controller in heavy duty aluminium enclosure 

  • Submerged or in-line installation 

  • Threaded BSP inlet & outlet for easy plumbing

SWDC DC Pump Gallery

 SWDC 55, 80 & 120 BLDC Pumps

 Easy plumbing with true unions

 Up to 12.000 l/h and 6,5 meters head 120 model)

 Silicone o-ring for a perfect seal

 Aluminium controller. BIG!

 6 Speed settings + pause function

 Durable and secure connections

 Controller's cooling fins

 24V DC Power Supply included

 Power supply labelling

 Shaft's ceramic bearing detail

 Volute. Positionable at 0º, 90º or 180º

SWDC-55 Specifications

Model: SWDC-55 DC Pump 

Input: DC24V 

Wattage: 33.6W max
Flow rate: 5.500 l/h (1.400 gph) max 

Head: 4,5 meters (13 ft.) Max. 

Speed: 4.500 rpm 

Sine wave controller included: Yes
Soft Start / Ramping: Yes
Size: 156x101x133 mm.
Price: 240,00€ 216,00€
SWDC-80 Specifications

Model: SWDC-80 DC Pump 

Input: DC24V 

Wattage: 67.2W max
Flow rate: 8.000 l/h (2.100 gph) max 

Head: 5,6 meters (16,4 ft.) Max. 

Speed: 4.500 rpm 

Sine wave controller included: Yes
Soft Start / Ramping: Yes
Size: 156x101x133 mm.
Price: 279,00€ 251,10€
SWDC-120 Specifications

Model: SWDC-120 DC Pump 

Input: DC24V 

Wattage: 132W max
Flow rate: 12.000 l/h (3.200 gph) max 

Head: 6,5 meters (21,3 ft.) Max. 

Speed: 4.500 rpm 

Sine wave controller included: Yes
Soft Start / Ramping: Yes
Size: 179x116x156 mm.
Price: 349,00€ 314,10€

 Download product manual (1,1Mb - English)

Extent of supply
1 x SWDC Pump
1 x Universal power supply (110-240V AC to 24V DC)

1 x Sine wave controller

1 x Owners manual

1 x Warranty card

1 x Set of fittings


This pump is not another clone of the more 'economical' DC pumps available from Asia that we all know.

Asian manufacturer?:
Tight Quality Control?:
Safety measures: Dry run, thermal, over current, over voltage, under voltage & stall.
Build quality comparable to any mid-to-high range EU-made DC pump.

SWDC 55 / 80 / 120 - Max head vs. flow

Click on the curve to enlarge