FWX Flow Diverter /
take Control.

Introducing the most versatile, powerful and reliable Digital Flow Diverter available on the market today.
Completely redesigned from scratch.

What can the FWX Digital Flow Diverter do for my tank?

Short answer: Make it Thrive.

The FWX creates multiple, changing water flow patterns that improve the health of your reef tank.

Powerheads are a thing of the past, even new ones. Water flow patterns created by powerheads are limited to a laminar, constant water movement in the same direction, which is not what our tank inhabitants are expecting from a replica of their natural habitat.

The FWX sets a new standard in terms of reef tank water movement. By diverting the water outlet from a pump to six independent lines, you can create any flow pattern you want, fixed or not, continuous or not, predictable or not.


FWX Control Surface
The control you need, wherever you need it.

Each FWX unit is packed with powerful processors, memory and storage space which allows the control software to be embedded inside the device itself. You will only need a WiFi-enabled device* capable of running a web browser (Desktop PC/Mac, smartphone, tablet, etc..) and you're ready to go. No need for dedicated software to install on every device you want to use as a controller.

Try Surface now!

Just type your FWX name in the browser's address bar, and you will access your own FWX Control Surface. All user-defined operation settings, configuration and statistics are stored in the FWX internal memory so they will be retained even in case of a power failure or long inactivity periods of time.

*The FWX will create its own access point even if you do not have a WiFi network already setup at home.

FWX Control Surface

FWX Control Surface Mobile

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All FloWWolF users
1 x FWX Diverter
1 x Ø40mm (1 1/4'') inlet
4 x Ø32mm (1'') outlets
1 x 110-240V power adapter
1 x FWX ID Card
1 x Spares kit

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2 x FWX Diverters
2 x Ø40mm (1 1/4'') inlet
12 x Ø32mm (1'') outlets
2 x 110-240V power adapter
2 x FWX ID Card
5 x Spares kit

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